Decorative Glass

Desman produces beautiful Meltglass™ (also called relief glass) to our customer’s design.

To make our Meltglass™ products we first make a mold or pattern to the required design, and place a glass panel of the requested thickness and size on it.

By heating it in a special designed kiln, the glass will melt into the desired shape. Hereafter we follow-up with controlled cooling, in order to anneal the glass.

This process allows us to create almost any pattern or logo in the glass.

Of course it is possible to use glass of a different thickness or to apply a color.

By afterwards bending the panels it is possible to create stunning effects.

Meltglass™ can be tempered or laminated to meet all safety requirements.

We also make frosted glass products, or combine frosted and heat formed glass in one project.

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